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Born again brothers and Sisters in Christ, living with God’s heart in us compels and breeds a more sensitive spirit to those around us, particularly the poor and bound. The Word of God says to be instant in season and out of season, always ready to give an answer to those who ask the reason for our faith. This book, Temptation: Lessons From Trials in the Wilderness would be a great bible referencing tool for you because everyone can relate to succumbing to the temptations we’d rather not be made public. Temptations ranging from the hidden contentsjunk_food_benny of our cupboards/refrigerators to that hidden trail of frequented images on our hard drives and secret fantasies, even to the unbridled lust for fame and money no matter the cost. $powerlustleadstodeath These selfish and reckless ambitions are the hallmark of that other system, Satan’s evil kingdom of darkness. The devil lurks about like a roaring lion the bible says, seeking who he may devour. If he can tempt us into giving in often enough to the selfish lusts of the carnal flesh or the smoke and mirror deceptions of the devil’s kingdom, that lifestyle pattern begins to muffle the voice of God’s Spirit of Truth. Our God given compass for what is right then can be manipulated and skewed in a self-worshiping sea of “grey” and the compass loses calibration. Those carnal promises of immediate gratification never deliver real satisfaction because soon afterward, there is always a yearning for that next fix. While the carnal promise remains, satisfaction is ever elusive and the accompanying guilt eats away at our very soul.

This battle is very real and the deception of the dark side is ultra seductive to the flesh. Learning the Truth of who God is and who He made us to be is essential in winning this battle of faith and temptation. Faithfully sharing God’s liberating revelation of truth in the power of the Holy Spirit is very critical to the compassionate walk of a true Christian. True Christians are to be distinguished from those who claim to be Christians, but do not exhibit the care, love and compassion for others and the accompanying fruit of kingdom of God acts of healing, delivering, raising the dead, freeing the captives and shattering the kingdom of darkness deception with Jesus’s truth.  The Lord said this would be the real hallmark and identifying fruit of His true followers.

Everyone has a secret battle raging most know nothing about. Your small act of compassion may make the biggest difference in the life of someone fighting the good fight of faith. Get your copy of ‘Temptation: Lessons From Trials in the Wilderness’ and get one for someone you know who struggles with addiction or other temptations, who needs your compassionate care but may be afraid, or ashamed deceived and prevented by the enemy. Jesus said as God sent Him into the world, so He sends us! Equip yourself today!

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