Mirror Moment

When we see our belly begin to extend beyond our waist/belt, and when we are noticeably winded after climbing only one or two flights of stairs, that pause, the reflective moment of truth that ensues is a humbling experience I refer to as the “Mirror Moment“. We have all been there at one point or another, from the prepubescent’s Armageddon  “Oh no, not another pimple!” to the capitulating centennial’s, “Oh, another grey hair”.  If we are wise, these two stages of our lives will be separated by a good number of enlightenments where we definitively allow our former thought processes to be ameliorated by both life’s experiences and God’s instruction.

Indeed, some of our mirror moments are chronologically unchangeable and thus require a fundamental and healthy acquiescence. However, a great deal of them, perhaps more than we might realize, present opportunities for us to effect change in our lives to illicit a more favorable outcome and destiny. When it’s our physical fitness or lack thereof staring back at us,  embracing better nutritional and exercise habits, and more regular and thorough pubescent facial cleansing is an opportunity revealed in those respective mirror moments. When it’s our intellectual or spiritual perspective that needs to transform, our perception of the need to change very often proves illusive. This is because people take pride in their political stances and in their ability to reason. So much so that people often times would rather seek out the comfort of other people who think like they do (even if they are logically shown to be erroneous in their ways).  When our previously held notions are viably challenged, our mirror moments can either be catalysts of growth opportunities, or they will reveal a stubborn reluctance to accept the unyielding truth as revealed in that mirror moment.

In order for our individual humanity to progress, however, we must take the cue from the Serenity Prayer and be always in a position of humble curiosity and desire to grow…just like children. Those adults who present themselves as the ‘very models of a modern Major Generals’, the indisputable authorities on all things knowable, will surely be doomed to miss out on any growth afforded by new revelation. They are the ones of the “Old Guard” who are being left behind as God encourages the rest of us with humble hearts to grow in the knowledge of Him and to progress and develop in our relationship with Him.

Hubris blinds.

I believe these God ordained reflective mirror moments chronicle humanity. The Apostle Paul even revealed that the Lord Jesus Himself, Though a Son of the Most High God, yet he learned by the opportunities and mirror moments revealed through His sufferings. Hebrews 5: 8-9. They intrinsically pinpoint when change beckons us and our spirit calls out from within us for constructive re-prioritizing. The question then becomes, will we face the truth reflected in the mirror with courage and boldly step onto God’s stair master of life eager to mature into the fit person He has called us to be, or will we regress and insist that the mirror conform it’s truth to fit our personal fantasy like that of a carnival’s house of mirrors?

Cadence Of Heart